Creating Your First 3D Text Styles Product

The first step in creating a 3D Text Styles product is to create and save the text styles to disk. This can be done by choosing the Save All Format and Appearance Attributes command under the 3D Text Style popup menu in Motion:

When you save a text style through that command, Motion saves a few files to a special location on disk. The new text style will immediately appear under the 3D text style popup menu:

The length of the popup menu quickly becomes impractical when many custom styles are created by the user. To avoid this problem, developers can group all 3D text styles in their own category. FxFactory will do this for you automatically, when a new 3D Text Styles product is created.

Setting Up the Product

Once the 3D text styles have been saved to disc, launch FxFactory and create a new 3D Text Styles product. Select the New > Text Styles command under the File menu.