Dynamic UI

This feature allows you to hide (or disable) certain parameters if they have no effect, given the current state of the plug-in. Use context-sensitive parameter UI as a way of improving user experience.

FxFactory makes the task of building a context-sensitive parameter UI extremely simple. Context-sensitive parameters are created by establishing dependencies of one parameter on another. You can create dependencies from any supported parameter (or parameter group) on a checkbox or popup menu parameter. For instance, you may decide that a given slider only has an effect if the value of another checkbox is on; you may decide that a given parameter group should only be visible if the third item of a popup menu parameter is selected, and so on.

Please note that context-sensitive UI requires support in the host as well. Motion 3.0 and 3.0.1 support only dynamic enabling/disabling of parameters. Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 supports both enabling/disabling and showing/hiding parameters dynamically. Current versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects supports both types of dynamic UI. It is advisable to build your plug-in UI so that it will remain usable no matter what the underlying host is capable of.