Embedding Fonts in Products

Beginning with FxFactory 3.0.3, it is possible to designate a folder within a product to contain fonts that are required by it to function correctly. A good example would be a preset that uses a font that isn't normally available on end-users systems.

To take advantage of this feature, create a new folder in your product's Assets:

Rename the new folder to “Fonts”, and drag any fonts required by your product in it:

You will notice that the folder's icon will change to indicate that the contents of the “Fonts” folder will handled differently than regular assets.

When the product is loaded in any supported hosts, the font will automatically become available in the host application. The font files are not actually installed or copied in the process.

The feature described above works identically for both FxPack and FxTemplates products. If your product consists of a bundle, fonts only need to be embedded in the FxPack.

Before distributing any fonts with your product, please make sure that you have the right to do so from the owner of said fonts.