GPU Acceleration

The GPU Acceleration parameter allows the user to disable the GPU-based path when exchanging images with the host application. When this parameter is turned off, the plug-in uses RAM-based buffers rather than VRAM primitives resident on the GPU.

Performance is seriously degraded when GPU accelerated I/O is turned off through this parameter. This parameter is mainly provided for developers to test their plug-ins during the development stage of their product. Shipping plug-ins with a GPU Acceleration parameter in the inspector is discouraged.

FxFactory effects based on Quartz Composer and FxCore can render exclusively on the GPU by virtue of using the OpenGL or Metal graphics technologies. Although a CPU fallback for rendering a frame simply does not exist, users and developers may still control what happens during I/O between FxFactory and the host application.

In video apps that support Mercury Engine GPU acceleration, turning this parameter off instructs FxFactory to decline GPU acceleration and continue using the older, RAM-based I/O provided by the After Effects SDK.

In video apps that support the FxPlug SDK, turning this parameter off instructs FxFactory to exchange all images through RAM-based images rather than OpenGL textures.