High-precision Rendering in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X always renders using high-precision. The host makes no difference between previews and renders.

If your plug-in is not capable of rendering at 16-bit half-float or 32-bit float, FxFactory will automatically convert your inputs/outputs to the only bit depth supported by your plug-in, 8-bit integer.

High-precision Rendering in Final Cut Pro 6 and 7

High-precision (16 bit half-float and 32 bit float) rendering is triggered in Final Cut Pro by turning on the Render all YUV material in high-precision YUV option under the “Video Processing” tab of the Sequence Settings window:

If a plug-in only supports RGB float pixel formats, Final Cut Pro will convert all YUV material to RGB. If a plug-in cannot be designed to support YUV natively, it is always best to let Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express do the conversion from YUV to RGB, than attempting to do the same inside the Quartz composition.

Please note that the settings of the “Video Processing” tab only affect the quality while rendering. Final Cut Pro always previews effects at 8 bit.