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-==== High-precision Rendering in Motion 5 ==== 
-Motion 5 **always** renders your plug-ins in high-precision. When rendering on the GPU, it uses 16 bit half-float. When rendering on the CPU, it uses 32 bit float representation for all color components. 
-==== High-precision Rendering in Motion 3 and 4 ==== 
-High-precision (16 bit half-float and 32 bit float) rendering is available in Motion when the Project'​s Bit depth setting is either 16 bit (float) or 32 bit (float): 
-{{ :​motion:​project-settings.png?​nolink&​ |}} 
-FxFactory will always match the best depth supported by the plug-in to the Project settings (e.g. a plug-in that is only capable of high-precision rendering at 16 bit half float, will render at that quality setting when either one of the Motion float settings is enabled). For performance and compatibility reasons, it is recommended to use 16 bit half-float in lieu of 32 bit float. 
-To ensure that Motion is using high-precision rendering during preview as well as rendering, make sure that the ""​ option is enabled under the "​View"​ popup menu: 
-{{ :​motion:​preview-float-bit-depth.png?​nolink&​ |}}