Image Well (Layer Input)

Image Well parameters are used to supply additional image inputs to your composition. Images may come from any media supported by the host. This parameter is called “image well” because early versions of FxFactory only supported FxPlug hosts. In those hosts, image parameters are available to the user as image wells (a.k.a. “media drop zones”). FxFactory now supports Adobe After Effects as well as FxPlug hosts. Image Well parameters are available in the After Effects UI as layer inputs.

When an Image Well is selected in the parameters list, the following user interface is displayed:

The Feed image info to popup menu lets you select among one of the structure inputs published by the Quartz composition. The value fed to the selected input is a dictionary which contains properties of the media assigned to the parameter: Image Info Structure.

The When no media is assigned option lets you decide whether the image well should feed an image to the Quartz composition when no media has been assigned by the user.

  • Choose the Leave image blank option to feed no images to the composition unless media has been assigned by the user.
  • Choose the Use asset option to feed an embedded asset to the Quartz composition if no media has been assigned by the user. Select a built-in image using the Asset text entry box.
  • Choose the Use checkerboard pattern option to feed the composition a standard checkerboard background when no media has been assigned by the user. The checkerboard pattern will have the same dimensions as the effect clip.

The Asset text entry box lets you select one of the image files currently embedded in the FxPack. To import additional graphics files, click the button labeled with a plus sign.