Path Chooser

When a Path Chooser is selected in the parameters list, the following user interface is displayed:

The Default path text field lets you specify the initial value of this parameter. It is advisable that this path should point to a location that exists on all computers, such as:

/Library/Desktop Pictures

The Path must refer to option lets you decide whether the value of this parameter should be the path to a folder or to a file, respectively.

The Path is used for option lets you tell FxFactory whether the user will be choosing a path for opening or for saving a file. When the path is used for creating a file, no checks are performed to make sure that the file already exists (this is because the composition will likely create the file itself).

The Feed path as a option lets you choose whether the path will be fed as POSIX-style file path (e.g. /Users/me/Desktop) or as a URL-encoded path (e.g. file://Library/Application%20Support/).

The Filter files by option lets you determine which kind of files users will be able to pick when they click the Choose button in the host.

By default, the Path Chooser lets you select image files only. You may choose to allow only movies, any type of file, or only a given set of types specified by their extension.

When filtering by file extension, enter a list of allowed file extensions separated by space.

On-screen Control

Path Chooser parameters are available via on-screen UI in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. By default, a single button lets the user choose a new path associated with the parameter. Users can hold down the Option key to reveal the current selection in the Finder.