Presets Loader

When a Presets Loader is selected in the parameters list, the following user interface is displayed:


The first option lets you choose the UI that allows users to select a preset from those embedded in this parameter. Use Select presets via: Popup menu to advertise all presets in the plugin via a popup menu. Beginning with FxFactory 7.0.3, you can also choose Select presets via: Browser window to have your presets listed in a browser window, which lists presets in a grid and allows for optionally organizing them by categories.

When you choose to allow preset selection via a browser window, the plug-in will continue to use a popup menu on versions of FxFactory prior to 7.0.3.

The Default thumbnail option, also new in FxFactory 7.0.3, allows you to specify a default graphic to be used for all presets that do not have a specific thumbnail assigned. This includes presets created by the user.

The Display presets created by the user option controls whether the presets parameter will also list preset files that have been saved by the user in the pre-defined Presets directory in their home folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Presets

The …only if created from this parameter option can restrict the type of presets displayed by the parameter. When enabled, the presets menu will only list presets that were created by this parameter. This option is helpful when the plug-in has more than one presets parameter.

The Allow user to open and save presets option controls whether the user will be able to load or create his own presets. This option controls the visibility of the “Open” and “Save As…” buttons.

The Apply presets only to parameters in group option can be enabled only if the presets parameter is nested within a group. Enabling the option makes the presets parameter affect only the other parameters within the same group.

Below the options is a list of all presets included with the parameter. Presets created by the plugin that hosts the Preset Loader parameter can be imported by clicking the + button or dragged over this list. Specify a thumbnail to have the preset be displayed with an image preview. Enter a category title to have presets be displayed under the given category when the preset selection UI is set to Browser window.

An example of the new presets browser window: