When a Slider is selected in the parameters list, the following user interface is displayed:

The Precision option lets you decide whether the parameter will accept Floating Point or Integer values.

The Default value text field lets you enter the initial value of the parameter when the plug-in is first applied.

The Minimum value and Maximum value text fields let you set the range of the slider control.

The Increment text field contains the value that the parameter will be changed by when the arrows, rather than the slider's knob, are used to increment or decrement the parameter value. Please note that the increment value is only a suggestion to the host. Depending on the current UI configuration, the host may decide to use a different slider increment than the one you supply.

The Absolute minimum value and Absolute maximum value options let you decide whether the user is allowed to specify a value for the parameter that is below or above, respectively, the limits set for the slider. The ability to over- or under-shoot the parameter value is currently supported only in Motion.

The Multiply value by current scale factor option lets you control whether the value of this parameter will be automatically scaled down when the user is previewing the output at lower resolutions (e.g. half-resolution, quarter resolution). The parameter value is scaled by the same factor being used for previewing the effect (i.e if the user is previewing at half-resolution, the value will be divided by 2). This option allows an effect to always appear consistent even when the preview resolution is different than the resolution used for rendering. This option should be on for all parameters that express a geometric property such as distance, radius, height or width. Even when the current canvas scale is set to 100%, the host may still opt to dynamically preview the effect at 1/2 or 1/4 resolution during playback, to ensure smooth playback.

The Display value as a percentage option lets you control whether a slider parameter with range 0 to 1 will be displayed as a more user-friendly percentage slider with range 0% to 100%. Please make sure that the range of your slider is 0 to 1 before enabling this option.