Tracking Opacity

A parameter whose value is set by any object trackers in the plug-in during the analysis phase.

The value of this slider is normally 100%, but if any object tracker is analyzing the clip the value will temporarily be set to 0% until the analysis is complete. This allows developers to hide layers that should not be included in the analysis by linking their Opacity parameter to the Tracker Opacity slider. Among other uses, this parameter provides a way to use object trackers inside Final Cut Titles1).

When developing a Final Cut Title, remember to link the opacity of all layers above the Title Background, including the Watermark Generator, to the Tracking Opacity slider, so that the contents of each layer (and watermark) are excluded from the analysis phase.

It is not necessary to publish this parameter in order to keep it functional inside Final Cut Pro.

This parameter is only visible when the editable version of your product is installed. This gives developers a chance to link other parameters to the Tracker Opacity slider, while the parameter is automatically made invisible in the commercial version of your product.
Without the technique described here, when the object tracker begins analysis of the Title Background layer, the analysis would erroneously include all content generated by the Title effect. In reality, only the media below the title layer should be analyzed.